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Actor * Singer * Dancer * Songwriter * Recording Artist

My latest project was to be part of creating the new play "Muse" at Interlochen Arts Academy. Muse uses various Shakespeare characters - and William and Anne themselves - to create comedic mayhem with a serious message.

I chose to develop the character of Portia. I am Muscogee Native American and from Northern Norway, both cultures with very strong women. Portia finds herself in a society of discrimination and hate. When she fails to convince the men by appealing to their human values, she uses her wit to stop the bloodshed. 

During the development of the play, the director asked me if I would be interested in writing a song for it. In this play, Portia says that mercy blesses the one that gives it and the one that receives it. I think being nice to each other, even those we disagree with and that are very different from us, is the most important thing we can do. This inspired me to write the song “Mercy”.

MercyHanna Andreassen
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